When you don’t know what you don’t know – different solutions that make our customers’ life easy

It’s easy to think that buying materials for the railways is straightforward. Decide what you want, place an order and wait for the assets to arrive.

But it’s not as simple as that. Your design might do what is required, but could new technologies mean that you can do things more efficiently, or use a more digital solution? Or could the design be revised to fit more equipment into REBs and Location Cases?

Maybe it would be better to establish a ‘basket of goods’ with your supplier so it’s more of a call-off of materials rather than from-scratch procurement.

Perhaps kitting ready for point-of-use installation would speed up the possession, or perhaps pre-assembly of systems so that only minimum installation and testing is required.

Or maybe tracking systems or pre-fitted sensors for condition monitoring?

Or the storage and management of all your materials in one place so you can avoid purchasing materials you already own.

So many opportunities to take advantage of, but it’s just too complex to make sure everything is managed correctly.

Which is where Unipart Rail comes in – complex supply chains made simple through the application of expertise based on years of expertise.

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