We’ve got the Power – Unipart Rail

Unipart Rail is well known for fitting out and supplying Location Cases and REBs for train control and signalling systems. Over the last few years, we’ve been extending that capability into the Power sector. With the acquisition of Samuel James Engineering, we now have the full range of Power systems from DNOs down to FSPs. All products are Network Rail approved and conform to all Class II standards where appropriate. Not sure what these are? Read on:

DNO – Domestic Network Operator. Supply cubicles for the metering and distribution of the main electrical power for signalling systems.

PSP – Principal Supply Points. Provides continuous electrical power for the signalling feeder supplies. They contain the 650v feeder supply transformers that are backed by a UPS and generator which are automatically controlled and protected by distribution switchboards.

FSP – Functional Supply Point. This is the final stage of power distribution for the 690v, 240v or 110v power into the signalling & control systems. FSP 01/02 are for manual reconfiguration, whilst FSP 03 is for automatic reconfiguration. FSP 04 and terminal boxes complement the range for SIN 119 legacy upgrades.

Annex – A useful enclosure which is mounted to the outside of existing location cases to allow for additional equipment to be installed without affecting the integrity of the existing system. Especially useful for SIN 119 upgrades where new Class II cable and associated switchgear is required to be installed. Can also be configured to contain other equipment such as earth leakage monitoring and fault location products.

DITA – Distribution Interface Transformer Assembly. A versatile product that can integrate, segregate and protect Class I / Class II signalling power distribution systems to maintain system integrity. They can also act as a power regulator and voltage booster for long signalling feeders.

Points Heating Panels – Distribution, protection and automatic control of the electrical power for points heating system.

Shore Supplies –  Distribution and protection of electrical power in maintenance depots and rolling stock stabling sidings.

So whatever trackside equipment you require – you can order the power supply along with it from Unipart Rail.

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