Vivarail’s Chief Executive announced as guest speaker at the Rail Business Daily conference at Rolling Stock Networking 2019

Adrian Shooter – Vivarail’s Chief Executive has been announced as a keynote speaker at the conference at RSN.

A Chartered Mechanical Engineer, Adrian has worked in the rail industry for 40 years and has specified and procured several types of trains for British Rail, Chiltern Railways and London Overground.

He led a management buyout of Chiltern Railways in 1996 and retired as Chairman of Chiltern Railways and London Overground Rail Operations Ltd in 2011.

Since then, Adrian has consulted on railway engineering, operations and customer service.

In four years, Vivarail has grown from start-up to full train manufacturer. The key aims of the company are to produce low cost, low maintenance rolling stock, develop systems and designs that make use of emerging technologies and bring innovative ideas to benefit passengers, operators and the environment.

During the conference, Adrian will discuss emission-free trains and fast charging for the UK market.

He will reveal information about the battery train Vivarail has built – the UK’s first modern battery train – combined with a fast charge system and power storage bank.

Vivarail is committed to developing zero emission trains and the battery train was run in service in Scotland in 2018.

The hydrogen proof of concept train is in development. The battery train has a range of 60 miles between charges and can recharge itself in ten minutes which makes it a very viable option to replace DMUs on lines across the country.