Unipart Rail’s Key Fasteners launches new service for LUR

Safety issues continue to be of paramount importance, and at Unipart Rail this focus continues right to the lineside to give complete confidence that only the right materials are being fitted, and that they can be traced back through the supply chain – most recently with the acquisition of Key Fasteners.

Key Fasteners was acquired by Unipart Rail in January 2017 to provide a specialised supplier of materials to the rail industry that provide a fully traceable supply route of products from supplier to the vehicle using innovative vending solutions.

This supply route also manages the distribution of workshop consumables – an area where a focus on cost management is very important.

The company has just obtained a new contract with LUR for the supply of consumable products for their bogie and wheelset overhaul work. The use of software and automated vending machines that provide detailed information on what has been issued to each team member.

Michael Baker of LUR said “As part of the tendering process Key Fasteners identified which products could offer the largest savings on the overall contract and worked with us to ensure that the specifications of the alternative parts also matched our requirements. In addition, the availability of larger vending machines which could stock more part numbers and dispense them with better accuracy and control than previous suppliers, persuaded us that Key would be the best supplier for the contract.”

He added “We are expecting the main operational benefit of the new vending machines to be insights into usage that will enable us to be smarter and more efficient in our consumption of stock and in our procurement activities.”

For more information on the system and how it could improve your operations, please e-mail kevin.orton@unipartrail.com

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