Unipart Rail supplies products, right?

When we think about big infrastructure projects it’s easy to visualise the plant, equipment and workforce at the trackside, busily delivering an upgraded system. But hidden from that view is the supply chain that goes behind it.

When you visualise the materials, it will be a picture of them being delivered through a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly supply chain, managed by Unipart Rail. And because our solutions are based around the products that are installed on the trains, locomotives, infrastructure and signalling, it could be a misconception that ‘Unipart Rail just sells products’, but the supply chain will have been working for months in advance of the project to ensure that the thousands of materials that are needed are sourced and ready to delivery at exactly the right time. Suddenly, that supply chain becomes a critical part in a highly functioning machine that is delivering the optimal levels of performance.

So, what happens in the supply chain is a much broader solution offering that invests in ways that may not be immediately apparent. You may see the products arriving in your depot or worksite, but what we do is ‘add value’ around them – and this means that amongst other things we:

What we do Why it’s of benefit
Create a full BoM for delivery where and when required Fewer suppliers, fewer invoices
Create kitting options so specific activities have everything you need, pre-organised No missing bits, no digging around Stores trying to find what you need
Take assembly activities into our ‘offsite factory’, and deliver ‘just in time’ Your engineers and technicians can focus on what they are best at and save you time
Source or make replacements for obsolete or legacy materials No more shocks when parts are no longer available
Install storage and vending solutions Materials in your depots/stores are well organised, with great IT and space freed-up for other activities
Manage your stores/depots You can concentrate on the maintenance/project work
Provide short-term materials stores and consignment stock Our fully-stocked container put in place for the duration of your project – only pay for what you need
Innovate new products to replace old Better, more reliable products, with Digital technology
Reduce lead times No more waiting around with assets out of service
Recover materials No more waste, materials removed from your worksite

And because we do this for hundreds of customers, we have the reach into the supply chain to find the scarce materials you need – saving you time.

All these services combine to create the complex supply chain that makes projects run smoothly and on time. All delivering value across the seven areas.

Serving the World’s Railways with Supply Chain, Product and Technology Solutions.

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