The Hardlock Nut ensures safety in rolling stock applications

The Hardlock Nut is a simple fastener that enhances build quality.  For decades Hitachi have specified Hardlock as a self-locking nut on applications throughout their range of trains and rolling stock.

Why Hardlock?  Because Hardlock has the ability to resist loosening caused by vibration.  It is a reusable product that retains the same level of locking ability after many uses.  It has been adopted by other Japanese train manufacturers because it improves the final product.

What about your products?  Hardlock is a simple versatile solution that enhances fastening integrity.  For minimal cost expensive machinery can be better protected from the effects of vibration.  Another benefit is that it reduces subsequent time-consuming checking and inspection for loose fastenings.  The replacement of non-reusable locking nuts when maintenance is required is also unnecessary.

Network Rail have fitted over 500,000 Hardlock Nuts on safety-critical track point (S&C) applications. This is a vote of confidence.

To view more details and on-line video vibration tests click here.

Staytite Ltd, the suppliers of the Hardlock Nut are exhibiting at RSN-Derby, at stand C2.  So if you think Hardlock Nuts can offer an improvement to your products, then come and see us!

In the meantime, you can get in touch via phone or email and request a sample which we will post to you.


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