Technical Solutions to Possession Problems

Speeding up possessions is essential to ensure that the infrastructure is in-service for the maximum time for passenger and fleet vehicles.

But this has to be done safely and without risk. Which is why technology advances can be deployed to help contractors do their work faster, and release people to do technical tasks, or to reduce the reliance on heavy plant trackside.

Which is where the McCulloch range comes in. Technology developed by McCulloch is increasingly in demand in everywhere we take it. Recent exhibitions in Australia and North America, as well as technical visits in SE Asia and New Zealand have led very quickly to orders for this cutting-edge approach.

Trac Rail Transposers (TRTs) are used in pairs to move rails and heavy items into place quickly and safely.

The FLASS is a tracked machine that accurately aligns and spaces up to fifteen sleepers per lift.

The Panel Lifter is a tracked machine that is capable of removing and installing track panels all with different component make up, whether concrete, steel, or wood sleepers, flat bottom or bull head rail up to 12 tonnes.

For more information on the McCulloch range of Possession lifting equipment click here.

Values: Improved Productivity, Reduced Risk, Increased Safety, Optimised Cost.