Talgo confirms AVRIL as the basis of its HS2 bid

Very-high-speed rail manufacturer, Talgo, has confirmed that AVRIL, its latest generation rolling stock platform, is the basis for the company’s bid – submitted on 5 June 2019 – for the supply of Britain’s train fleet for High Speed Two (HS2) Phase One.

Talgo is renowned for the distinctive quality of the products it manufactures, and AVRIL represents the latest evolution of high-speed trains, now being used in Spain, Saudi Arabia and Central Asia.

Talgo trains feature unique technology, proven over many years, which ensures world-class passenger experience and comfort, while maximising seating capacity and minimising carbon footprint and maintenance costs.

The company is the leading manufacturer in the ultra-competitive Spanish very high-speed rolling stock market; the only one in the world where almost all the global suppliers are present.

AVRIL has been chosen by Renfe, one of Europe’s leading train operating companies, to form the core of its vanguard very high-speed fleet, with thirty trains under construction, for which Talgo will provide full maintenance support over the projected thirty – year lifespan of the new Spanish fleet.

Jon Veitch from Talgo UK said: “We see many opportunities across the UK rail market, with its increasingly challenging demand for more capacity and a passenger-focused offering. HS2 will be crucial as the UK economy grows. Talgo is proud to be associated with the project.

“This project is unique in every way. It has the potential to transform mobility, and make a significant impact in many communities across the UK.

“It is the kind of opportunity which societies can only take or leave once in a century. We humbly believe that Talgo’s combination of experience and adaptivity is the best option for both train operating companies and taxpayers.”