Sustainable innovation for the railway

To have the ability to create and maintain a sustainable rail network for the future, it is extremely important to source and implement sustainable solutions that reduce negative impacts on the environment.

Unipart Rail is committed to managing our operations in a way that is sustainable and environmentally sound. We apply our Unipart Way philosophy, tools and techniques to continuously improve operational efficiency and environmental performance. This commitment is reflected in our solutions – an example of this is our TrackPan system.

Spills in railway facilities cause enormous harm to the environment and can also pose long-term health hazards and damage to the railway infrastructure. In addition, the costs and reputational damage caused can be very expensive, and in some cases, irrecoverable.


Reduce environmental impacts and costs

The TrackPan system, manufactured by Unipart Rail is considered the best available technology to offer protection from spills by collecting fluids and substances and then transferring them to a proper waste treatment system. Compared with traditional steel and concrete applications, TrackPan provides an inexpensive and flexible alternative.

By using TrackPan, our customers can significantly reduce the risk of costly clean-ups and regulatory fines.

Recent sales of our solution have been to prevent chemical runoff into the ground as a result of body side and nose end washing of trains, which occurs on a daily basis and therefore can cause a large environmental impact.

The benefits also include:

  • Excellent protection from spills and contamination
  • Avoids ballast cleaning costs
  • Economical alternative compared to traditional solutions
  • Quick and simple installation
  • No disturbance to track during installation
  • Available in standard and bespoke configurations

An adaptable, modular system

Our solution can be put into service within hours of delivery – all assembly hardware is supplied and the pans simply bolt down to the existing railway sleepers. It also has the flexibility to be relocated to another location if depot operations change. Each unit is manufactured to provide the maximum self-containing capacity whilst adhering to railway clearance standards.

The modular system allows additional sections to be added or reconfigured. If a section becomes damaged, its construction means that only the damaged sections need to be replaced.

What our customers say “The TrackPan system proved to be extremely versatile and provided a great surface within the wash to carry out maintenance work. The team at Network Rail was impressed with the ease of installation, simplicity of use and maintenance along with overall performance.” Network Rail Project Manager

Read our case study to understand how Network Rail have benefited from our solution.

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