Support for Regional or Route Campaign Changes

The remorseless march of technology. Political decisions. Cost pressures.

These all can lead to a decision to undertake a change-out of a specific asset across a route – often thousands of products that need to be removed and replaced with a suitable alternative. What a headache that could be. Finding an appropriate partner, identifying all the parts and accessories required, scheduling the replacements and delivery.

Clearly, it would be useful to have a supply partner to help you do it. One who can:

  • interpret material requirement from draft design
  • manage the manufacturing and/or sourcing of the materials
  • develop any new products or components required
  • put together all the kits of materials you need – unique for each location, if required
  • Identify any extra materials that may be needed and make ‘commissioning spares’ packs on a ‘use or return’ basis
  • prepare a delivery schedule that fits with your installation team needs
  • provide all technical support required

With our previous experience in this – including Level Crossings, LED WigWags and Banner signals – we are your perfect partner for a product campaign change. Adding value through Innovation, Improved Performance, Reduced Risk and Optimised cost.

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