Supply Chain Solutions: Delivering Rail Infrastructure

The successful creation, management and continuous improvement of supply chain is a key enabler to any rail infrastructure project, regardless of size and complexity.

The supply chain has a significant impact on rail infrastructure costs, operational risk and on-time delivery of infrastructure, whether it’s maintenance activities, infrastructure renewals or enhancement projects.

Collaboration with rail infrastructure owners, operators and contractors is important to deliver safe and installation ready materials, mitigate risk, improve performance, reduce environmental impact and deliver cost optimisation to the supply chain and materials management, including:

  • Improving the efficiency of materials stores and materials handling to ensure materials are where they are needed when they are needed.
  • Optimised resource and digital systems provision to better manage the supply chain and materials.
  • Minimising inventory costs and balancing inventory against project needs.
  • Improving materials access and control, including end-of-project management, storage and disposal.
  • Assembly and testing in our off-site facilities to removing waste from the operations. In turn this improves site safety, environmental footprint and operational efficiency, it frees marshalling location space and reduces the cycle time between delivery and installation.

Whether working directly with the network owners and operators or the supply chain, delivering new and innovative operational and commercial solutions that improve performance, reduce risk and optimise costs are important to continuously challenge the way we work and deliver the change that accelerates our ability to deliver the future rail systems

Every project is different. Unipart Rail’s collaborative approach provides quality materials and supply chain solutions when and where they are needed – all delivered and configured in flexible, customised solutions that save time, reduce project risks and optimise costs. Benefits include:

  • Innovative products and digital management solutions that meet cost and carbon requirements and bring new efficiencies to railway infrastructure projects.
  • Safety first approach to all materials and supply chains
  • Improved point of use materials availability that reduces inventory costs.
  • Consolidated supply & materials available just in time when and where they are needed at the point of use.
  • Materials backed by our safety and quality assurance processes and technical support.
  • Materials available but paid for as they are consumed – with consolidated invoicing.
  • Dedicated resources – people and systems to effectively manage your supply chain and materials.

And the value that can be added typically can make a huge difference to the overall project costs and delivery performance – as well as reducing commercial and safety risks.

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