Supply Chain Consultancy – Resolving Pressure

The rail industry typically works on very short lead times, and this puts pressure on the supply chain. Pressures such as:

  • parts that are needed more quickly than the standard lead time
  • changes to maintenance and possession plans
  • problems across the maintenance activities to bring together the different parts for the task
  • obsolete products or suppliers that are no longer around

This means that we need to be creative with solutions including:

  • kitting services to speed up specific jobs
  • systems development to ensure a more joined-up supply chain.
  • And different approaches to delivering and managing materials to the point of use

All very easy to write about – but much more difficult to implement, particularly across large and complex supply chains, or where “it’s been done like this for years” is the attitude.

In all these situations, it can help to have an objective view of your business – an external eye that can see the things that are causing problems and the things that can be improved.

Which is where Unipart Rail steps in. From a simple diagnostic – where we can review and report on areas for improvement, through implementation or even to taking over the running of operational areas to free-up our customers’ team to focus on their core expertise.

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Values: Improved Productivity, Reduced Risk, Optimised Cost.