Siemens Mobility boss says it’s time for inclusion

The Chief Executive Officer of Siemens Mobility will today tell a packed conference that it is in everyone’s interests to place an importance on diversity.

Will Wilson is among a host of high-profile speakers addressing the Women in Rail Annual Conference in London.

The event explores the steps businesses can take to ensure a gender balanced, diverse and inclusive workforce in the UK railway industry.

He said: “Innovation is a key to success and the best ideas come from teams of people who think differently to each other.

“This means we need to continue to create more diverse teams and to develop a culture that values difference.

“There is still work to be done, but we are making positive changes and reaping the benefits from being more inclusive.”

Nationally in the UK rail industry around one in six workers are female, while at Siemens it is about one in five. Figures revealed today by Will show the median gap in Rail Automation GPG in 2018 was 32.5% at Siemens plc the figure was 21.4%.

Will, who joined Siemens in 2013 when Invensys Rail was acquired by the company, said: “Over the past years we have strived to create significant more employment opportunities for women – from board level to every single working place.

“Making inclusions is one of our core pillars of our people strategy and the aim is to create a workplace that embraces the case for inclusion; has a positive attitude to difference; evaluates ideas equally; is adaptable to allow people to work at their best; and empowers people to talk about behaviours and respect.

“We’ve also been making jobs roles more visible, improving the language in our job descriptions and increasing the diversity of our recruitment panels.”

The Women in Rail Conference today will reiterate the business case for being more inclusive, outline the corporate and personal challenges likely to be faced when seeking to create an inclusive culture and highlight best practice in rail and other industries.

Among the other speakers today includes the Chair of Women on Boards Rowena Ironside and the Leader of Women in Rail Malaysia Natasha Zulkifl.

Will said: “Events like this are a great way to come together to network and learn what is being done to improve gender balance.

“I’m looking forward to speaking and highlighting how Siemens Mobility is working hard to address the gender balance.

“There are so many amazing opportunities available at the business and it is in everyone’s interests to place an importance on diversity to help businesses to thrive.”

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