Rail Delivery Group responds to rail fare proposals

The Rail Delivery Group has responded to Labour’s plans to slash rail fares by 33% and simplify ticket prices for part-time workers, if it wins the General Election.

The plans are part of a wider focus to nationalise the railway system in the UK.

Plans also include making travel free for under-16s and build a central booking platform.

Responding to a proposal to reform the fares system and reduce some fares, a spokesman for the Rail Delivery Group, speaking on behalf of train operators, said:

“Rail companies have been calling for some time for changes in regulation to enable an easier to use, better value range of fares but it’s a red herring to suggest that reforming fares needs a change of ownership.

“Overall fare levels will always be a matter for elected politicians in deciding the balance of farepayer and taxpayer funding. Train companies would obviously support a reduction for passengers as long as it is funded on an ongoing basis so that investment to improve the railway can continue.”