Reducing Risk – Unipart Rail

Delivering infrastructure projects in the UK carry huge risks. Over-runs, supplier management, exchange rates, design changes – these risks can all impact unexpectedly on a project and are largely outside the control of the project.

So how do you mitigate these risks – risks associated with seven wastes (Transport, Inventory, Movement, Waiting, Over Production, Over Processing, Defects)?

Key to the solution is understanding the risks which may emerge and having a process in place that can cut-in as soon as the problem arises. Too much time can be spent ‘running around’ looking for solutions – especially if the solution already exists, but you don’t know about it.

That’s where having a skilled partner comes in. A partner who doesn’t just understand the products you are using, but also the systems they work in AND the supply chain behind them. So whilst YOU may have a problem with a product failing or missing, the solution lies in access to a highly responsive and agile supply chain that can quickly obtain and supply a replacement part – but that can also identify the root cause and eliminate future failure.

Within the supply chain there are many stages before the product actually arrives at a site ready for installation and each of these stages must be aligned to ensure that the products flow smoothly, and arrive in the most efficient manner.

Because inefficiency costs money.

By having a skilled partner, you are offsetting the risk. The risk doesn’t go away, but it is reduced and in the event of an off-target performance, you have access to a whole range of solutions that can get you back on track. And this gives you – and your customers – the confidence that the railway can be kept operational and timetables can be met. Truly putting the passenger first.

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