Recognition for community-led approach to Kenilworth scheme

GRAHAM was recognised for its responsible and community-led approach to its work at the
Kenilworth Railway Station project, with an award from the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

As part of the scheme GRAHAM engaged 1,500 local school children from nine Kenilworth schools in a project to design posters which show what the new station will mean to youngsters and the wider
community in Kenilworth. Since the project was introduced, 350 posters have been featured on the station’s hoardings.

GRAHAM has worked with theCommunity Wood Recycling scheme at Kenilworth to collect over 12 tonnes of waste wood, reusing it for community initiatives. Community Wood Recycling uses the wood it collects to support a network of social enterprises, who reuse it in making a range of products. This creates work and training for a range of disadvantaged people including ex-offenders, people with mild learning difficulties or those who have come through drug and alcohol abuse.

The GRAHAM project team also took part in a meeting with residents at Kenilworth Methodist Church, to discuss the future operation of the station site.

Following a question and answer session, the hosts kindly provided breakfast for the team, as a thank you for their efforts in clearing a public right of way of ice and snow during the height of bad weather in

Johnny Kerr added: “We are aware that in any scheme of this size we need to consider the impact on the local community and so we have worked closely with them to introduce environmentally and
socially conscious working methods. We’ve very proud to have been recognised by the Considerate Constructors Scheme and have been pleased with all the feedback
from Warwickshire County Council on the project.

“The new station will provide a boost to the community of Kenilworth and its surrounding areas, with improved rail links and passenger services, as well as wider economic implications. It is a scheme we are very proud to have delivered to the region.”