Railway Children launches first ever sponsored sleepout

Sign up for a charity challenge you could do in your sleep…

This year the charity Railway Children is launching a brand new challenge event – and it’s one everyone can take part in. Thanks to the incredible level of support they have enjoyed from across the rail industry, the charity has been fighting for vulnerable children that need our help for 22 years. Often funds to support the charity’s work have been gathered from extreme events – mountain climbs, marathon runs and bike rides – but this time, the challenge is so simple you can do it in your sleep.

Take part in Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham or London

You don’t need to be super fit, you don’t need six months training and you don’t need a spare fortnight to take part. All participants need to do is pick a location from four major stations and be prepared to spend one night sleeping on the platform on January 31. It might be cold, probably be noisy and will definitely be uncomfortable. But it should give you an idea of what thousands of children around the world have to endure every night.

One night of hardship to make a lifetime of difference

Those taking part will go home the next day. The children Railway Children work with don’t have that luxury. Across India and East Africa they support thousands of children forced to survive on the streets and in this country they protect the children who put themselves at risk and have been found using the UK public transport system. Some are running away from problems, some are being lured away by someone planning to exploit them – they all need a transport network that keeps them safe, and that’s what Railway Children is working to create.

Making the system safe for vulnerable children

The inaugural Railway Children Sleepout will help fund this with each person taking part raising a minimum of £100 in sponsorship. It should also cause a stir, turn a few heads and help raise awareness of the issue so that more people understand the problems, can spot the signs of a child at risk and step in before an abuser does. With the support of the rail industry this event should be the first of many and become a regular fixture in the Railway Children calendar, but numbers are limited so sign up now to book your place.


  • Visit www.railwaychildren.org.uk/sleepout for more information or call Katie Mason on 01270 757 596.