Railfuture’s manifesto for rail

Railfuture has published its own analysis of the political parties’ proposed policies on transport. “The environment has taken centre stage, and railways have risen up to the top of the political agenda” said Ian Brown, who authored the report. “The key rail issues are devolution, electrification, HS2, and Northern Powerhouse Rail. But politicians need to be far better informed about the role that rail policies can take.in addressing environmental, economic and social change.”

“There are several main failures that we’ve identified, including a failure to grasp the direct potential of railways in addressing climate change issues, although nearly all the parties recognise that rail investment including electrification is essential. The key to environmental issues is doubling the capacity of the rail network so that these benefits really show.

“Devolution is also often stressed but the details are rather hazy, the key point being missed is integration.”

Railfuture’s manifesto for rail  –  a detailed commentary of all party manifestos – can be found at https://www.railfuture.org.uk/article1845-Party-manifestos-for-rail.