Rail companies leading the way to equip frontline workers to stop the spread of COVID-19

Companies serving the rail industry have launched an urgent appeal for stocks of Personal Protective Equipment to donate to NHS workers.

The Contractors Appeal has been set up by Cantillon and De Group who are reaching out to the construction industry for masks, overalls, glasses and gloves.

It’s as stocks of PPE are already depleted and orders are backing up for those on the frontline fighting the spread of COVID-19.

Paul Ford is chairman of the De Group UK. He said: “I have had so many distressing calls from people working with COVID-19 patients, many explaining how they are coming into direct contact with sufferers and have no face masks.

“This can’t happen while we have masks sitting on shelves. We are taking masks, overalls, gloves and glasses to those who need them, but will need much more than we currently have.

“We are also purchasing PPE from the construction sector and seek financial support.

“What we are doing will make a difference and likely save lives, so I’d urge people to do it urgently. We have a moral obligation to help where we can.

“People are saving lives and we need to protect them.”

For more information and access to their JustGiving page, visit www.contractorsappeal.com

You can also email covid-19@degroupuk.com

Photo credit: Shutterstock