Putting the Passenger First – Unipart Rail

Network Rail have defined that “Putting the Passenger First” is at the heart of their new devolved operating model.  It is anticipated that through this new operating model, local concerns and issues will be resolved through a region/route having the ability to react quickly, procure locally and no longer be hampered by the overly complex supply chain that exists today.

Unipart Rail’s experience in designing, delivering and supporting complex railway operating models – we have developed our operating model in collaboration with Network Rail for over 20 years – has been deployed to re-align our business to engage with Network Rail’s new operating model and to deliver supply chain solutions focused on three key elements:

Supply Chain Agility: The Regions and Routes will be provided with a solution that delivers materials at the point of need – when they need it and how they need it.

Condition Based Monitoring: In order to deliver passenger satisfaction, train services must run on time. We will deliver sensor technology into trackside assets to ensure that proactive maintenance can be supported across the Network.

Effective Planning and Sourcing: Covering tens of thousands of products, Unipart Rail has the most comprehensive catalogue of materials available to support the network. We can source items quickly from many different suppliers and by creating a “connected” bill of materials through our systems and Network Rail’s systems, we can accurately predict material demand and forecast to ensure that maintenance and enhancements are delivered on time, within budget and most importantly, with minimal time impact on passengers.

Our proposition, developed over the last 20 years and now driven by digital innovations, is a proven approach to delivering improved performance across the railway.

It will deliver:

  • Materials, that support the maintenance and operation of the infrastructure
  • Resources and technology to plan, supply and manage materials and tooling requirements
  • Materials delivered to the point of need at the right time and in the right configuration for installation

Our approach is unique. Underpinned by a continuous improvement culture and close collaboration with the customer and our supply chain, enabling Network Rail to focus on their core objective of “Putting Passengers First”.

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