Possession key as GRAHAM completes Kenilworth Station

Kenilworth Rail Station officially opened to the public in April 2018 and has been funded by the Department for Transport, Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership and Warwickshire County Council. Privately-owned company GRAHAM, completed the design and construction of the new station.

The project involved the construction of new platforms, a new station building, cycle sheds, two lift shafts and a footbridge. Additionally, a new car park and bus stop/turning facility have been constructed. GRAHAM delivered much of the project during nightly possessions when train services were not running. Works carried out overnight included:

  • Installing 5-tonne precast concrete culvert sections
  • Installation of lift shaft precast units
  • Piling works
  • Installation of platform
  • Excavation works
  • Installation and removal of the Road and Rail Access Point (RRAP)
  • Refurbishment of the station’s existing bridge

During a 48-hour weekend possession last July a 500-tonne crane was used to install the new footbridge, which spans 16 metres between supports, within an eight-hour weekend possession. The main span, which weighed 15 tonnes, was installed along with 2
stairwells and support columns over the existing lines. A further three five-hour possessions took place during midweek to install the precast units which form the two lift shafts either side of the existing rail infrastructure. The operation was particularly challenging, as the project team had to manoeuvre the new bridge over the existing bridge in close proximity to local housing.

Other challenges included groundwork obstructions where existing structures and drainage on the site had been previously installed. These structures included fuel tanks, previous station foundations, drainage arches, culverts and streams. These obstructions had to be removed or repaired to facilitate the new station.

The restricted nature of the site meant that the piling works had to be planned and sequenced to minimise the impact on the existing train services. Large reinforced cage sections were not practical or safe to be installed next to the active rail line so to mitigate this risk GRAHAM designed small diameter, singular cage sections, which could be manually carried without the need for an excavator. This ensured a safe installation next to the track.

On completion of the scheme, GRAHAM’s Rail Director, Jonny Kerr, said: “The team has produced a high quality product in keeping with the historical approach for the new station. The team has overcome a number of challenges during the design and construction of the project, particularly the footbridge installation, which required several sewer and culvert diversions. They have worked collaboratively with both the local stakeholders, Network Rail and their contractors, and Warwickshire Council during each phase of the works.

“Wherever possible, we carried out possessions during Rules of the Route (ROTR) overnight, and the team adopted an efficient approach working in consultation with key stakeholders to ensure we delivered all works in a safe and timely manner while mitigating the impact on the local residents.”