The roots of Rail Business Daily (dust off the archives!)

Having published the very first news story on 04 July 2017 (Rail’s very own ‘Independence Day’), Rail Business Daily has fast become many positive things to many people, having expanded significantly – especially since January 2020.


It has become a main source of daily news and a collaborative partner as people and organisations seek out new business. Today, it is the fresh coat of paint for branding, a profile enhancer, a trusted advisor, an unparalleled community member and the industry’s leading talent finder and placer – the go-to business for essential personnel.

rail needed a partner for growth

Rail Business Daily (RBD) adapted and adopted so many different services because the industry said that it wanted and needed something new, something fresh, something very different – and it wanted all of these in one place within easy reach. That is why and how Rail Business Daily became a news centre, a publication platform, a marketing service, a community hub and a recruitment business.

In short, rail needed a partner for growth in the good times and the more challenging.

a positive force for good

Every day, the Rail Business Daily (RBD) team works tirelessly to support growth – in knowledge, influence and financially. With many team members originally hailing from the industry across five decades and with a wealth of industry experience, Rail Business Daily appreciates and understands the support that is needed and the standard expected to match the high bar that the sector upholds.


Rail Business Daily (RBD) is designed to be a positive force for good in rail – supporting it and linking it with others as the sector takes bold strides to become the go-to, green transport mode of the future.

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We believe in complete transparency.


That’s why you can find all our latest stats and figures in our media pack. Inside, you will find the latest report on our annual website traffic, the typical number of views our news stories receive, the amount of active newsletter subscribers we have and more.


You can also read about how our services can help you grow and prosper and what Rail Business Daily can do to help your business.

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We work extensively with all organisations across UK rail – from influencers and decision-makers to those who deliver network services (Network Rail, train operators, freight operators, light rail) and the vast supply chain. Our vastly experienced rail team supports thousands of organisations UK-wide and overseas.

Talk to us today about how we can help you to raise your profile amongst key rail industry influencers and decision makers. 

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