Now that IS smart infrastructure! – Unipart Rail

What if the railway could tell you when it’s not performing to optimum levels? What if it could order a service for the asset when the first signs are showing? Or order a replacement part when failure is approaching? Or tell you that a problem is caused by the weather rather than asset failure?

Well, that’s our vision for the Condition Based Supply Chain. An integrated system that monitors itself and UNDERSTANDS when a part is failing, or if it’s just a temporary reduction in service due to external conditions.

With the acquisition of Instrumentel, we are building a condition monitoring system which can predict and prevent costly failures. Our Paradigm Insight software is now collecting data from thousands of sensors across the infrastructure and looking at performance profiles. Bringing in other data such as environmental conditions and information on other assets means that we are building a rich database that will trigger alerts to impending failure, or suggest an intervention to prevent impacts on service delivery.

And because it can take data from all sources and sensors, you can compliment any existing monitoring systems to gain deeper insights into how your assets are working – and avoid future problems by dealing with it now.

When this is put together with our wider services, we can help you to manage your system better. Improved performance, reduced risk and optimised costs. Read more about the Condition Based Supply Chain here.