Murphy at the forefront of digital certification

Murphy has become the first company in the UK to be certified by BRE under the new ‘ISO 19650 Certification Scheme for Businesses’.

ISO 19650 refers to the organisation and digitisation of information about buildings and civil engineering works, including Better Information Management (BIM). Through live project assessments, the company has proven its systems are suitable to both manage project information and deliver this information as a designer.

Ben Curtis, Global BIM Scheme Manager at BRE congratulated the company on the achievement. He said: “The transition from UK BIM Level 2 to ISO 19650 presents some challenges but your commitment and adoption of the international standard, alongside industry best practice, sets an exemplar for others to follow.”

Richard Sutherden, Engineering Director at Murphy said: “This certification demonstrates our self-delivery capability to manage and create data in accordance with the latest standards.”

The company’s Head of Digital Construction, Alex Jones said that this was a key target as Murphy continues to embrace digital and align with customer expectations.

He said: “I’m proud that Murphy can again prove our commitment to meeting the very latest in digital information standards. It will no doubt reassure our customers that we are a competent pair of hands regarding digital delivery. It aligns our capability with our customers’ expectations and prepares us well for the pending UKAS accreditation.””

Nathan Reid, Engineering Manager at Murphy Applied Engineering, said: “As authors of digital engineering content ourselves, this is an excellent example of progress and should help us stand out in tenders going forward.”

This new accreditation demonstrates that Murphy can lead, manage and author project information in line with ISO 19650 BIM standards.

Photo credit: J Murphy and Sons Limited