Leading one of the smallest train operating companies into an exciting new era

Being the Managing Director of any business is never easy. Ultimately, the actions of the business reflect on you as a result – so it’s important that you are always doing the right thing for your customers. It’s why I always reflect on what we have done well and what we can improve on as a team to take forward and build together in order to build on what is a bright future for Hull Trains.

The way things work at Hull Trains is completely different to other train operating companies. As an Open Access Operator, we have to take a lot into consideration – we have to think like a private business and, when things have gone wrong with our services, collaboration with other operators has been key to keeping people moving while getting our trains back into action.

This is why relationships in this business are key and I’m delighted that the strong partnerships we have with other operators and businesses has helped us through our periods of disruption, as we look forward to the introduction of five new 802s later this year – we see it as a £60m investment into the community in which we serve. There is a lot in the press about the disjointed nature of the rail industry when it comes to TOCs, however, I feel from the relationships we have with our competitors, this statement is far from the truth and TOCs do work well together.

For those who are unaware of Hull Trains, the business is now in its 19th year and its foundations of fantastic customer service, value for money and direct links from Hull and East Yorkshire to London have helped to build a loyal and passionate customer base that travel with us regularly. To achieve this has been no easy feat. With regards to size, we are the smallest train operating company in the UK and many of our team have to take on multiple roles to help the business run smoothly. I also have to take on many roles and it means that I have to focus on the right things to do at the right time for the customers and the business.

We’re currently also working through a very exciting period for Hull Trains as we work to bring the 802s into action next year. This is another role that our team has had to focus on alongside their regular roles and their thorough knowledge is vital in launching them as scheduled.

I have never known a more loyal and dedicated team, many of whom have been with us for many years. We treat our team with the utmost respect and in return, we see a business which continues to flourish and will do even more so when the new trains are launched. I strongly believe that the strength of any business is through its people and this is especially true of Hull Trains.

This week, I will be going into more detail about the importance of diversity in our business; how customer service is increasingly important for TOCs, and more details about our new fleet.