Keeping an eye on the children – Asset Tracking and Management

You know you have installed certain parts on the infrastructure, but now you need to find out where they are. Not an easy job if there aren’t proper records of what has been installed, where and when. A lot of effort to locate and manage – a bit like having troublesome kids!

Imagine if at all times you knew exactly where they were (the assets, not the kids!). With UniTrace you have just that. End-to-end visibility across a project of where your assets are in the supply chain, as well as full transparency of who has worked on them – from manufacture through assembly, transport and installation.

Utilising QR codes, we track materials using hand-held scanners and unique-to-person identity cards. Any manufacturing, assembly or installation related issues can quickly be tracked down and all affected materials identified. Or you can identify a whole batch of materials nearing the end of their lives and arrange a campaign change.

Simple. And perfect for tracking materials across a whole range of projects and renewals from OLE to S&C.

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