It’s not rocket science…it’s space engineering!

Storage, lifting, testing and transportation are operational challenges faced across the rail industry every day.

Quite often the most simple solution can have the greatest impact – but in order for these solutions to be effective, specialist expertise and resource is required.


Unipart Rail has the solution.

We are working in partnership with specialist engineers Ferrartis Group Ltd, to identify and build holistic solutions for storage and transit requirements that will reduce costs, space and environmental impact.

The Ferrartis team have decades of experience in the rail industry – from supplying overhead line to signalling screen systems. The company has overseen vehicle builds, managed complex civil engineering projects and created bespoke solutions for track, depot and station installations across the country.

 Combined with Unipart Rail’s in-depth industry knowledge and the engineering expertise of Ferrartis, together we can provide a unique solution to tackle everyday problems.

With an agile project team, ideas can be created, developed and prototyped in just a few weeks, with the final solution being available for manufacture in significantly reduced timescales compared to traditional engineering development processes.


A world-first innovation.

The conventional method of stacking train bogies is to have each bogie positioned on top of another bogie. This means the wheels cannot be regularly turned which could lead to brinelling of the bearings, ultimate failure and expensive replacement.

The solution to this? The Ferratis Titan Bogie stack system – a modular system providing storage capacity for a total of 27 tons and allowing the wheels to be mounted on custom-made Ferralon 2TX rollers so that they can be rotated at regular intervals during the storage period, either manually or with the optional Ferrartis ATLAS Motorised System.

Rock Rail East Anglia are already experiencing the benefits of this dynamic, world-first innovation and are saving space by storing their equipment at our new storage facility in Normanton.

We have the availability to store another 300+ Bogies and 500+ Wheelsets at our facility, so why not speak to us to understand how you can benefit too.


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