International task force set up to support businesses during COVID-19

Hanscomb Intercontinental has established an international task force to support clients during the coronavirus pandemic.

The company has become one of the world’s leading expert advisory and expert witness providers for the onshore and offshore construction, engineering and shipbuilding industries.

As part of the international task force, the company has drawn experts from several disciplines, including legal, medical, engineering, planning, contract, commercial and accounting.

They are able to provide expert advice and expert witness services to clients to protect their position and succeed in prosecuting or defending claims for time and money arising out of the crisis.

Director Sean Gibbs says through its international regional offices in London, Johannesburg, Hong Kong and New York, it is able to support contractors, employers, suppliers, consultants and subcontractors.

He said: “We’ve advised parties on claims, force majeure and frustration as well as underlying legal remedies in Civil Code countries such as France, Peru and the United Arab Emirates.

“When the coronavirus broke out in China we were consulted by our Chinese clients and were some of the first experts involved in China and Hong Kong.

“Indeed our quantum and delay experts will be able to play a key role in helping parties record and gather information needed in order to succeed in securing entitlements under contracts or at law.”

Hanscomb’s teams are able to work remotely using the latest technology and software and able to plan for business continuity no matter how much worse the national and global situation becomes.

Mr Gibbs said: “In all cases it would be prudent to proceed on the basis that the claimant will bear the burden of proof and the keeping of records is crucial to proving your entitlements.

“Similarly, the claimant will also need to demonstrate that they have compiled with any notice provisions required by contractual provisions or statutory requirements which in some cases are conditions precedent to the availing of the relief sought.

“Also, in some jurisdictions a party will be obliged to mitigate their loses and Hanscomb can provide advice on what may reasonably be required and how you can demonstrate this.”

Some common issues and information by jurisdiction can be found in a brochure the company has produced, as well as a range of services the company offers.

Visit – the brochure can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

Photo credit: Hanscomb Intercontinental