Increasing Performance – Unipart Rail

On the face of it everything is working well. Trains are running on time and everything is as you would expect.

But what about monitoring your rail system? Is everything working to on-target levels? Are all the parts in the system working properly or are critical items about to fail? What happens if a key system fails. Signalling failure, cable damage and vandalism can all come out of nowhere and stop the network.

So what can you do? It’s not like the assets on the infrastructure can tell you that they’re not performing well.

Or is it?

Condition Based Maintenance is increasingly coming into focus as a modern, digital solution to asset management. By moving from periodicity-based maintenance to condition-based approach means that maintenance is targeted on the assets that need it, and those that are performing well can be given a more appropriate level of support.

Having a system that can take data from many sources, analyse it and present the finding as instant, actionable information means that decision making is streamlined. Many systems will only take data from the asset, but often perceived failures can be due to environmental conditions or for electrical interference from other assets.

Key to this is the fitting of sensors and having a customised interface where you can set your parameters and create alerts for off-target performance – which is where Unipart Rail and Instrumentel add value to your operations.

By bringing in data from multiple sources, our Paradigm Insight system will compare all the information and give you real-time and historical views of your assets enabling you to identify the root cause (it may not be the product that’s “off target” that’s the problem) and undertake suitable interventions.

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