Increasing Digital & Innovation – Unipart Rail

The modern world is unfolding in front of our eyes, but in the rail industry we can be slow to adopt to the march of technology and the new digital world. This is for very real reasons such as ensuring safety in materials and the systems in which they operate.

But we need to accelerate this to address the customers, cost, carbon and capacity challenges we face. Both in the products we use, and in how we move and manage them.

That’s why initiatives such as UKRRIN exist. The UK Rail Research & Innovation Network is being built on the development of three new Centres of Excellence formed by a consortium of universities, in collaboration with existing industry testing and trialing facilities such as Network Rail’s Innovation and Development Centres. Unipart Rail is the ‘Route to Market’ for new innovations – working with the SMEs that are developing the technology to bring it to the rail industry quickly and safety.

That’s why we acquired Instrumentel, Samuel James Engineering, Key Fasteners, Park Signalling and Westcode – all innovators in their area.

That’s why we’re working on the Condition Based Supply Chain – combining the insights of Condition Based Monitoring with an automated supply chain – triggering asset management interventions when they’re needed.

That’s why we work with innovative companies to bring you the best the industry has to offer, and to ensure that it’s fully accredited for use on the railway.

That’s why we develop our own technologies based on years of experience and understanding – technologies such as TPWS4, protecting the travelling public, or our PowerU range – managing and controlling power from the National Grid through to the point of use.

And that’s why hundreds of companies around the world choose to partner with us for the development of the future railway.

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