Increasing Corporate Responsibility & Safety – Unipart Rail

Our partners are increasingly identifying Corporate Responsibility (CR) as an area where extra focus is required in the rail industry.

But why does this matter? It doesn’t get sleepers installed or overhead line repaired.

It matters because it impacts us all – directly or indirectly. Let’s look at the four main areas.

In the Environment

This is probably what you think of first. Fossil fuels, global warming, recycling, energy use are all examples of where we are aware of a problem or impact in the environment and KNOW that we need to do something about it…but’s it’s hard when your fleet runs on diesel, or single use wrap is needed for materials shipping. This is where you need a partner that is actively reducing reliance on diesel by switching to lower-polluting alternatives, or working to eliminate single-use plastics from the supply chain.

Unipart Rail: Reducing carbon emissions, water consumption and waste within the core business and encouraging wider groups of stakeholders to do the same.


In the Workplace

You like to know that your supply partners are looking after their people. Making sure that they’re safe at work (whether in the warehouse, offices or in transit) and that they are well looked after with welfare support and family-friendly policies. And that there’s time to do their bit for charity too.

Unipart Rail: Developing responsible and inclusive employment practices that ensure we have a high quality, engaged and healthy workforce to meet the current and future needs of the business.


In the Community

We recognise that you need to draw services from the communities around you – this reduces transportation costs and ensures that wealth is distributed. We also like to ensure that we engage with our own communities – helping local charities, drawing on and developing local talent and supporting local schools and colleges to equip their students for life in the workplace.

Unipart Rail: Addressing key social issues and the needs of local communities through working constructively with partners for mutual benefit.


In the Marketplace

We want to do well together. Together with our customers and suppliers. Our strong lead on collaboration is about finding ways together to develop and streamline our services to reduce and eliminate waste (not just material waste, but process waste too), improve efficiency, increase safety and be responsible.

Unipart Rail: Working with our customer and suppliers to ensure we are part of a responsible supply chain that develops, sources and markets products and services responsibly and with integrity, whilst ensuring a return on investment.

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