In the News – 9th March 2020

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We start with the news in a lot of the national papers about cancelled trains, which has hit a record high on Britain’s rail network according to the Daily Express.

The article reports that some of the worst services failed to run more than half of trains, and nearly 80,000 were cancelled between October and December last year.

The Office of Rail and Road said the figures were the highest since 2014-15, when it first started to compile data.

There has also been big disruption for rail passengers travelling to London Euston because of damage to overhead wires.

The Manchester Evening News is reporting of a reduction in the number of trains after damage on Saturday at the North Wembley junction.

Two days of train delays were caused in one year by trespassers, drunk and disorderly people in Berkshire.

That is according to an article on Berkshire Live which features analysis of Network Rail data which shows that nearly 470 trains were delayed.

The figures show that 153 different incidents across the area caused 469 trains to experience delay, leading to a combined 40.1 hours worth of lost time.

Finally, and Great Western Railway will mark 75 years since the end of World War 2 by naming six trains after remarkable individuals involved in the conflict.

The first of those honoured was Odette Hallowes, a French citizen who lived in London and became a Special Operations Executive and the most highly decorated spy of the war.

Photo credit: Connel/ Shutterstock