“HS2 needs a new name” says Railfuture

Enter the Railfuture competition to propose a new name for HS2 which will convey why it is essential and win the support of the public.

HS2 gets a bad press in part because the ‘High Speed’ name gives the wrong impression. In reality, HS2 is about capacity.

Climate change is the biggest threat to our way of life, and transport is a major contributor to carbon emissions. The report ‘HS2 – towards a zero carbon future’ by Ralph Smyth, who led the engagement by Campaign to Protect Rural England on HS2, concludes that HS2 is the only way to provide the extra north-south rail capacity needed to achieve significant modal shift from more polluting road and air travel, so reducing CO2 emissions.

This vision can only be achieved if HS2 can attract people out of their cars. HS2 must be integrated far better into it, creating in effect a six track West Coast Main Line, linked into regional rail networks and with regional rail services to provide end-to-end journey connectivity. HS2 trains must be comfortable and reliable, and fares must be competitive with the car, so that it becomes the preferred mode of travel for everyone.

HS2 needs a new name which will capture the imagination of the public and so win their support.

Enter the Railfuture competition with your idea for a new name at: https://www.railfuture.org.uk/New+name+for+HS2+competition.

The closing date will be 29 February 2020. Entries will be judged by the Railfuture Board. The prize for the winning entry will be a visit to the Vivarail factory where energy-efficient hybrid trains are being built.