HR Kilns Ltd Anti Trespass System receives enhanced Product Acceptance by Network Rail

Prime Rail Solutions Ltd is pleased to announce the further product acceptance by Network Rail of the HR Kilns Ltd , GRP Anti trespass system. This patented system was first approved in 2014 and is proving very popular with railway engineers, projects, T&V Specialists, obstacle detector designers, etc.

This latest acceptance is for GRP anti trespass panels in single 2.8m lengths, together with various accessories to simplify fitting on the track, station platforms or anywhere else that you need an access deterrent.

With the Network Rail standard requiring a minimum of 2.6m separation, these 2.8m long panels exceed that requirement and allow for easier and quicker installation. The single piece 2.8m long panels can be safely lifted by 2 persons without the need for costly mechanical lifting equipment or large numbers of staff.  On site cutting, around obstacles and fittings,  is a simple task with standard handtools

This most recent innovation comes in time to help underpin the need for  better products and / or improved methods of working in CP6.

Acceptance was granted for both the normal grade panels and the Fire Retardant panels.  Once acceptance was received, the 2.8m long panels were immediately deployed on Network Rail projects further illustrating the need for such a product – one for the fire retardant panels for installation on the DC electrified railway and the other being normal grade panels for use in the West Country.

Other approvals for the GRP Anti Trespass System have been issued by ProRail in the Netherlands, installations have been made in the Czech Republic and future planned installations include Ireland (where the track gauge is 1600mm gauge), Scandanavia and France, where SNCF is keen to carry out trials.

Further developments to the system are currently being developed by HR Kilns Ltd for Network Rail showing how adaptable and user friendly this system is , yet maintaining the same ease and handling as all other parts of the system.

For more information on the GRP Anti Trespass System, please contact