How learning from other industries helps us in rail – and Key Fasteners

Learn from the best, but find your own way. That’s a Unipart principle. We are constantly looking for better ways of doing what we do – and sometimes that means working closely with others so we can apply new techniques to our services.

New techniques such as kitting, packaging and vending solutions delivered by Key Fasteners.

We were already delivering materials into stores operations, but with the Key Fasteners solutions we could extend that – though our SmartServe proposition – right to the operational areas of a depot.

This means that depot based personnel can concentrate on doing their value-added jobs – rather than moving around the depot looking for materials.

But this is just part of the SmartServe offering. We also keep a close eye on inventory and planned works to ensure that the stock levels are at the right level – right-sized to ensure availability, but also working closely with the supply chain to ensure JIT delivery to avoid holding too much stock. Saving inventory and storage costs whilst managing performance and risk.

We’ve also acquired Park Signalling – who support the extended life of SSI, Instrumentel – experts in condition based monitoring, and Samuel James – manufacturers of Power supply equipment – because we know we can learn from their expertise and deliver better service.

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