Harmill Systems Announces new battery electric road/rail train and bogie moving vehicle – the Turtle 3100

Harmill Systems Ltd. Leighton Buzzard based depot plant and equipment specialist announce the introduction of its innovative electric road/rail train and bogie pulling vehicle.

The light weight tug is designed for the removal of bogies from beneath raised train bodies and moving trains or locos up to 150 tonnes. This complements Harmill’s other road / rail vehicles for moving up to 500 tonnes.

Drive comes from two traction motors driving two wheels independently. The benefits of this novel design are reduced cost and excellent manoeuvrability. The vehicle will turn in its own length and is easy to transfer from road mode to rail mode.

The road / rail train and bogie moving vehicle is operated by a radio remote control system which gives operator feedback on a colour LCD display for power, speed, battery charge and fault indication.

On board charging enables the vehicle to be plugged into any suitable socket outlet.
The vehicle is very low profile enabling it to fit beneath trains with ease.

For more information please contact Harmill Systems on +44 ((0)1525 851133 or via e-mail at info@harmill.co.uk. Or visit our Web site at: www.harmill.co.uk .

The vehicle will be unveiled at Railtex 2019