Gearing up for the introduction of new trains

Like many other train operating companies in the UK at the moment, we’re gearing up for the introduction of new trains. The investment made marks an incredibly exciting time for the business and we are heading into a new age of UK rail using technology that will really revolutionise travel.

Our five new class 802 trains are being built by Hitachi Rail. The team there have been absolutely fantastic throughout this process and the collaboration between our team and theirs is fundamental in meeting deadlines.

Many in the industry will know that introducing a new train is not easy and this is something I have continued to reiterate over the last few months when speaking with our customers and the media. The success of the launch of these trains is down to the team’s hard work in making sure that every single element of introducing them is covered, from quality assurance through to staff training and the ‘at seat offer’.

We also have the benefit of working with key people within FirstGroup, who have been integral to the launch of similar trains elsewhere on the network and have given us their knowledge and insight to help us launch as smoothly as possible.

We’ve also had the benefit of being able to involve all of our staff throughout the process, including how the train looks both inside and outside. Everyone in the team has a strong grasp of what matters most to customers and their involvement means that we get the best result for everyone.

Ultimately, this is going to make a real difference to our services. Our current timetable requires three trains, so an additional fifth train, instead of the four we have in our fleet, will make a significant difference in reducing the potential of cancellations and offers the opportunity to strengthen busy services.

At the moment, everything is on schedule and as the trains come over to the UK, we’ll be training our staff ready for their introduction later this year. Building on the foundations of a strong past, Hull Trains has a very bright future ahead.