Extending the life of LED Signals – Unipart Rail

LED signals seem to have been around forever, and it’s over a decade since the Unipart Dorman signals took the industry by storm, being the first to ‘crack’ the thorny problem of true signal colours. The technology we developed used the emergence of a new generation of LEDs together with our clever technology that drives the LEDs to maintain a constant colour and brightness.

Back then we predicted that the life of the signal modules would be around 7  years, and we built-in simple module replacement as standard. Now over 15years later,  the original signal modules are still in service and maintaining the output levels from when they were originally commissioned, double the predicted life cycle.

However, the older signals will begin to show signs of degradation and you may now be looking at your signals and deciding what to do about them. We are here to give you options.

  1. Replace the existing modules in the original Colour Light Signal housings with new ones in the existing structures – perfect for gantry-mounted signals or those mounted on other structures.
  2. Upgrade your signals to the Unipart Dorman zero maintenance versions
    • Integrated Lightweight Signals (iLS) which are supplied with our Assisted Lift Trunnions, to eliminate working at height and can quickly and easily replace existing life expired signals and structures. Read more here.
    • CLS LITE, which can be used to replace existing CLS’ on a variety of structures.

Now may be the time to contact us to discuss your options.