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Rail Safety Technology

14th April 2021

Open and Networking
10:00 Ian Prosser CBE, Director of Railway Safety and HM Chief Inspector, Railways ORR
10:15 Strategic Partner* 
Leaders Debate 1 – Safety Technology: How do we Keep our Rail Workforce Safe

Richard Gardiner Sector Lead for Rail, University of Sheffield AMRC*

Industry Partner*

Panel Speaker*

  Leaders Debate 2 – Training & Development Enhancements

Clive Roberts Director of the Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education*

Industry Partner*

Professor Andrew Smith Professor of Transport Performance and Economics, Institute for Transport Studies and Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds*

Leaders Debate 3 – Inspection, Accreditation & Monitoring

Nick Millington Safety Task Force Leader, Network Rail

Industry Partner Martyn Cuthbert, Founder and Managing Director of OnTrac Ltd

Paul Appleton Deputy Director, Railway Safety, and HM Deputy Chief Inspector of Railways ORR

10:55 Break and Networking
11:25 RSSB Speaker*
11:40 Rick Fisher Transport for Wales and Daniel Booth Network Rail discuss Rail Head Plasma Treatment

  • Background of plasma track treatment development in Wales and our aspirations for future use on the Wales rail network
  • Automated Intelligent Video Review system (AIVR), an innovative project aimed at helping the industry tackle lineside vegetation risk
11:55 David Clarke Technical Director, Railway Industry Association
12:10 Strategic Partner*
Break and Networking
12:55 George Bearfield Professor of Railway System Safety, University of Huddersfield
Innovation Room 1
Innovation Room 2
Innovation Room 3
13:35 Nick Millington Safety Task Force Leader, Network Rail
13:50 Tina Rees Safety Manager, Transport for Wales*
Final Remarks and Networking