FirstClass Safety & Control Limited

About Us

Our flexible approach and extensive knowledge enable us to supply and service Rail Depot Protection systems, Depot Control safety systems and Emergency Shutdown systems to the Rail, Petrochemical, marine and automotive industries plus many more. Maximising on our cross-industry knowledge gives us the expertise to find innovative affordable safety protection and control system solutions for all our customers.

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Ensuring a safer future

Rail Depot Safety & Control should be a process that works seamlessly with operational activities.

At FCSC we are committed to making railway depots safer, introducing ground-breaking safety control systems and procedures to protect the depot workforce.

We offer a safer future in Railway Depot Operations, including:

The industry’s first RFID based Depot Protection System (DPS) to replace traditional key exchange technology.

An industry first – we have integrated Wi-Fi interlocks into our Rail Depot Protection Systems to operate the depot shunter vehicle’s brakes

SIL 2 safety level applicable DPS using industry proven hardware and software techniques to monitor and ensure the railway maintenance depot environment is safer

Pictorial RFID Reader – over the past 12 months we have developed the FirstClass Pictorial RFID Logon Station helping to eliminate potential misunderstandings which could cause safety issues, and with operator acceptance on every step protect both the operator and the business from any uncertainty.

We also offer our combined Depot Protection System/Depot Control System which will further eliminate uncertainty by removing interfaces between personnel safety and train movements as our system now fully integrates both systems to provide one fully functional, fully integrated safety system.

As part of FirstClass Safety and Control’s rail safety services we supply locally operated points systems (LOPS). Locally operated points systems are designed to enable rail depot operational staff to manage the safe movement of the trains in and out of the depot maintenance areas.

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