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A Close Shave

About Us

The road to motivated employees and success comes from internal communication.

The cornerstone of A Close Shave is Academy, a system developed in order to meet organizations’​ need to share knowledge and train employees with regard to products and services. Academy prepares and motivates employees to create better sales opportunities as well as provide better service and customer assistance. Academy is an internal online knowledge platform that can be accessed by all employees anytime, anywhere. On Academy, suppliers communicate their knowledge about their products directly to those employees that will be presenting and selling them.

How Academy works

Academy strengthens knowledge sharing, trains employees and gives you a strong tool to increase your sales and improve your service. A Close Shave will become your sparring partner for internal communication and will produce content on demand.

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Knowledge sharing
We call Academy a knowledge platform, since knowledge is the turning point for the entire system. Knowledge is communicated to users through news, training courses with certifications, in forums and through dialogue between users.

Training takes place on Academy by way of certification – training courses that can be combined with preparatory videos or texts. One of Academy’s strongest elements is that the system motivates users to repeat relevant activities and thereby ensures that they retain their knowledge.

Our customers use Academy to affect their sales – obviously in order to sell more, but also to sell the right products at the right times. Academy prepares employees before campaigns and connects internal and external communication. When the campaigns start, employees are ready with detailed knowledge about products and prepared to make a good sale.

Academy is designed from the ground up to motivate – so users will return to the system, seek more knowledge and enter into dialogue with other users. Academy borrows dynamics from the games industry and rewards all activities with points. The user can follow his or her own development as well as that of others.

A Close Shave is not a typical IT vendor. When an organisation invests in an Academy system, we enter into a close cooperation to make the system succesful. The system is adapted to the organisation’s goals and needs, and we develop it continually so it keeps matching these.

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