CrossCountry help those most in need as COVID-19 hits train operating companies

If one thing has come through since the coronavirus has hit the UK’s railways, it has been the industry going above and beyond to keep both its workers and passengers safe.

From increased cleaning to customer service teams keeping passengers informed, workers have been doing their utmost to keep the railways moving.

While inevitably services have been effected, companies have been thinking outside the box on how best to help the communities they serve.

Leading the way is CrossCountry. The company temporarily suspended its on-board catering service, but the food has not gone to waste. Instead the services centre and local teams have supported with the donation of food to local foodbanks and charities.

CrossCountry’s Managing Director, Tom Joyner, said: “During these difficult times, it’s great to see so many people across the rail industry coming together to help.

“Supporting others by donating the surplus supplies to food banks and charities after we stopped providing refreshments on-board was a great idea by our caterers, and just one of many examples of how our railway continues to help our country keep going.”

Photo credit: CrossCountry