Craig Purcell – Chief Executive Officer at Fenix Rail Systems – highlights from the conference at RSN 2019

Craig hosted a Q&A session to discuss Fenix Rail Systems’ Tie-Fenlock Depot Control system which was first installed in the UK at the Central Rivers Depot in 2000 and has since established a track record of outstanding reliability.

Craig explained the benefits of the Tie-Fenlock system, which is an innovative digital solution that assists depot operators by reducing their workload and increasing safety, allowing them to set multiple routes within the depot in just a few seconds to optimise the operation of the depot.

He also discussed Fenix’s unique point machine that is used alongside the system- a 4ft or 6ft mounted trailable system that requires little or no maintenance. The point machine was also demonstrated at Fenix’s stand at RSN 2019.

Craig also explained how during the last 12 months, Fenix has been working with West Midlands Trains on the depot control solution for Tyseley in Birmingham and Soho in Smethwick.

Both of these locations have hand-operated points and operate under local requirements. Realising the opportunity, West Midlands Trains are working with Fenix to develop the scheme using the GRIP process (Governance for Railway Investment Projects).

The Q&A ended with Craig discussing Fenix Rail System’s complete approach to projects, from the end-user all the way back to the specification and design. The company designs bespoke solutions to customers’ precise expectations and requirements because only the client knows how they use their depot and operations within. Craig described Fenix as a small, friendly and highly reactive company bringing value for money, professionalism and integrity to the rail industry – a “do care, can do” attitude.