Cost avoidance through improved supply chains

Cost. It mounts up. And in rail supply chains the costs are massive. So too are the risks.

Possessions are complex issues and have huge impacts on passengers, so ensuring they are not just kept to a minimum time, but also enabling the EARLY hand back of the infrastructure can have massive positive impacts.

So how DO you manage the costs in the supply chain?

It’s all done by understanding the complete end-to-end process. And not just the movement of the materials, but also the technical knowledge that goes with them.


Deep Technical Knowledge

With a technical understanding of the impact of not delivering a part, it’s more than just having access to a huge range of materials across a well co-ordinated sector and across many customers, but also knowing when only that part will do, or if changing a range of materials will remove the problem.


Deep Supplier Relationships Based on Trust

Long-term relationships help to embed trust and mutual positive dependency. Over decades, we have built such relationships with hundreds of suppliers – many of them channelling their entire materials sales through Unipart Rail – mostly because our customers demand a complete ‘basket of goods’ from us…not just consumables or PPE.


Access to the Full Range

It feels intuitive to pursue the equivalent of a few pence of savings on material purchases, but the time and effort spent in doing this can be compounded in big impacts. Impacts such as:

  • Dealing with numerous contacts at numerous companies
  • Being ‘only one small customer’ and not getting the service you need
  • Huge numbers of purchase orders/GRNs/invoices
  • Multiple in-bound deliveries
  • All deliveries coming with different packaging
  • Long lead times and no stock
  • Having to put together kits of products from deliveries, only to find one missing component.

All making your life more costly, risky and with reduced performance.

Imagine, then, dealing with one company, one delivery, everything kitted just how you need it and delivered only when you need it, and only one invoice to manage.

Wouldn’t that be nice. Which is where Unipart Rail comes in. Track materials, consumables, PPE, all delivered in ready-to-use kits.

When we put YOU first, YOU can put the Passenger first.

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