Guest Writers stories

Delivering Value for Siemens

14th November 2019

This is what good collaboration looks like. Keeping an eye on the costs of a business makes good financial sense. […]

Understanding our Customers’ Needs

13th November 2019

What do they want and how do we deliver it…and more The day-to-day. It can get in the way of […]

Customer Services – people do business with people

12th November 2019

Rewarding success – MIA Extra Mile for Siemens Signal Delivery Occasionally things go wrong and not all the correct materials […]

Managing Risk in the Supply Chain

11th November 2019

We make it go away by managing inventory and availability It’s tempting, isn’t it, to make sure that you have […]

Upstream Management in Supply Chain

8th November 2019

How a strong supply base is essential to collaborating at the “sharp end” Your maintenance, project or renewal is planned […]

The rail plant sector is heading into the perfect storm

23rd October 2019

Adam Richardson, Chairman at Quattro Group and AB2000 The Rail Plant Association (RPA) has recently released a discussion paper entitled […]

How learning from other industries helps us in rail – and Key Fasteners

17th October 2019

Learn from the best, but find your own way. That’s a Unipart principle. We are constantly looking for better ways […]

When you don’t know what you don’t know – different solutions that make our customers’ life easy

16th October 2019

It’s easy to think that buying materials for the railways is straightforward. Decide what you want, place an order and […]

You buy products – we supply expertise

15th October 2019

You can’t do everything. It’s just a fact. You need to rely on your colleagues to do their jobs so […]

Keeping an eye on the children – Asset Tracking and Management

14th October 2019

You know you have installed certain parts on the infrastructure, but now you need to find out where they are. […]

Design & Build of Complex Supply Chains – What does a good supply chain look like?

11th October 2019

We all know what a good supply chain looks like because we deal with them in our personal lives every […]

Now that IS smart infrastructure! – Unipart Rail

20th September 2019

What if the railway could tell you when it’s not performing to optimum levels? What if it could order a […]

We’ve got the Power – Unipart Rail

19th September 2019

Unipart Rail is well known for fitting out and supplying Location Cases and REBs for train control and signalling systems. […]

Extending the life of LED Signals – Unipart Rail

18th September 2019

LED signals seem to have been around forever, and it’s over a decade since the Unipart Dorman signals took the […]

Could your Assets Live Forever? – Unipart Rail

17th September 2019

It’s unlikely that they will – but we can certainly make sure that they can remain in-service for the maximum […]

Support for Regional or Route Campaign Changes

16th September 2019

The remorseless march of technology. Political decisions. Cost pressures. These all can lead to a decision to undertake a change-out […]

Increasing Digital & Innovation – Unipart Rail

15th August 2019

The modern world is unfolding in front of our eyes, but in the rail industry we can be slow to […]

Increasing Corporate Responsibility & Safety – Unipart Rail

14th August 2019

Our partners are increasingly identifying Corporate Responsibility (CR) as an area where extra focus is required in the rail industry. […]

Increasing Performance – Unipart Rail

13th August 2019

On the face of it everything is working well. Trains are running on time and everything is as you would […]

Reducing Risk – Unipart Rail

12th August 2019

Delivering infrastructure projects in the UK carry huge risks. Over-runs, supplier management, exchange rates, design changes – these risks can […]

Optimising Cost – Unipart Rail

9th August 2019

Maintaining a railway is expensive – that’s a given. So when you’re spending your budget you want to make sure […]

Sustainable innovation for the railway

1st August 2019

To have the ability to create and maintain a sustainable rail network for the future, it is extremely important to […]