Guest Writers stories

Transport benevolent fund

Transport Benevolent Fund CIO – Moving forward for a brighter future

25th September 2020

For nearly 100 years the Transport Benevolent Fund CIO (TBF) has been helping public transport works in Great Britain should they find themselves in need, hardship or distress.

STR Group

What rail companies need to know about the changes to the off-payroll legislation

24th September 2020

David James, an Engineering Programme Director at the STR Group, a global provider of staffing solutions. An industry leading expert on the subject, he was brought in by Worley as its IR35 Project Manager.

Phil Downes

Triton Norway: A solution to improve the railways resilience from heavy rain

22nd September 2020

Phil Downes from Triton Norway believes it has a solution to help with the railways’ resilience with its Water Extraction and Transfer system (WET).

Mott MacDonald

A life in rail: Sally Shellum on her role helping to transform the railways

18th September 2020

When Sally Shellum started working in the rail industry she was told she’d probably either last a fortnight or be here forever.


Digital solutions for the rail industry to improve productivity, reduce risk and cost

17th September 2020

Digital technology specialists 3Squared has been going from strength to strength in recent years.

Nick Missingx

Lost and found – connecting rail passengers with belongings left behind

11th September 2020

MissingX Director Nick Ellenden has written an article for about the working relationship with the UK train operators and how lost and found should operate in the future.

Jonathan Booth

Launch of ground-breaking research programme into travel behaviour post COVID-19

7th September 2020

Leading consultancy organisations Journey4 and The Buzzz have joined forces to launch a ground-breaking survey to examine travel behaviours as the country recovers from COVID-19.

Rail Forum Midlands

The four key strategic objectives for Rail Forum Midlands

26th August 2020

Karen Jackson was announced earlier this month as the new Programme Delivery Executive at Rail Forum Midlands.


The crucial decontamination steps required for a safe return to railways

17th August 2020

Shaun Doak is CEO at REACT, a national specialist cleaning company, who work with some of the leading train operators across the UK to decontamination and deep clean vehicles during the pandemic.


“Getting the railway opened is our absolute priority” – Mark Wild CEO Crossrail

7th August 2020

Mark Wild, Crossrail CEO: “It may be later than we planned or wanted it to be, but Crossrail is coming.”

Unipart Rail

TrackPan – Sustainable innovation for the railway

6th August 2020

To have the ability to create and maintain a sustainable rail network for the future, it is important to source and implement sustainable solutions that reduce negative impacts on the environment. This is where the TrackPan system can help.


Guaranteed long lasting protection for trains

5th August 2020

Aqueous Guard is a high performance, innovative, nanotechnology, ceramic clear-coat that is designed to provide long lasting protection for surfaces in the harshest of conditions from dirt, germs, grime and graffiti.


Keep your colleagues and the public safe

4th August 2020

There is now a range of products available from Unipart Rail that can help you protect the health and wellbeing of your customers and employees by raising awareness and promoting hygiene best practices in order to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses and keep the public safe.


Leaf fall season approaches…

3rd August 2020

Unipart Rail is an exclusive world-wide distributor for the AB Hoses and Fittings Ltd Advanced Automatic Sander (AAS) – an award winning, service proven, variable rate sanding system that meets all the requirements and recommendations of the RSSB T1107 research project.

Calvin Barrows

A Reflective Perspective: The Whys and Wherefores of Metro Overheating

3rd August 2020

Calvin Barrows has written an article for about the root cause(s) of overheating in certain metro systems, using London Underground’s ‘Tube’ Network as an example.

IsoGlaze Unipart - train in snow

IsoGlaze – a step change in winter gritting for rail operators

2nd August 2020

Endorsed by the rail industry, IsoGlaze is an innovative de-icing product that has been formulated specifically for use on the railway.

Alex Phillips

HR is about people and ensuring employees maintain at all times a strong connection to the business

29th July 2020

Alex Phillips, Group HR Director at CPMS, shares her thoughts on the role of HR, especially in these challenging times, and the responsibility of HR to ensure a continuous alignment of values between the company and its employees.

Pop up, sheltered portable queuing innovation coming to the UK’s railway stations

27th July 2020

Hugh Logan Engineering has developed a system that brings order to the challenges of outdoor queueing. COVO-RAIL™ is a system that is cleverly designed to enable social distancing as well as allowing the free flow of fresh air in all weather conditions- offering protection during all seasonal environments.

Diarmid de Burgh-Milne, Managing Director JCPii, discusses collaboration

jcpii embracing collaboration in a more separate world

22nd July 2020

Collaboration – It has become one of the key words for the railways to overcome the challenges faced during the coronavirus pandemic. The industry has come together to implement the best working practices to keep staff and passengers safe whilst at the same time keeping projects and freight moving.

Arup's Andrew Belcham discusses rail project collaboration

Total Value – Arup: Affordability and sustainability in rail projects through collaboration

22nd July 2020

It’s a well-known saying that a problem shared is a problem halved. So when it comes to dealing with the […]