Can Unipart Rail reduce my costs?

One of the most important issues facing our industry is the requirement to be accountable to the UK taxpayer by avoiding waste, delivering efficiencies and driving innovation into every area of the railway. Often, where we use third party experts to support us in delivering services it can be tempting to assess that they are services that could be done ‘in house’.

It is all too easy to take the short term view that an in house solution is best but when you stand back and look at the benefits that could be made from thinking differently and collaborating with a supply chain expert, who at its heart sits a DNA of continuous improvement, then sometimes it’s worth considering a different approach.

A case in point is the Supply Chain that supports our railways. Our customers demand good value for money – the railways consume billions of pounds in investment and the supply chain needs to be efficient and value-driven.

And managing the supply chain takes effort – imagine if you had to source all your materials from the thousands of suppliers in the UK and overseas, managing obsolescence risk, driving supplier improvements and ensuring that every product conforms to the exacting standard of todays railways and at a cost that maintains competitiveness; Could you reasonably achieve this?

That’s why we’re continuously looking for ways to improve the value we supply to the market. Ways that make our customers’ lives easier and help them concentrate on delivering value to their customers.

What we do Why it’s of benefit
Work with suppliers to smooth demand and increase availability Flexible, bespoke supply options including kitting, deliveries, consignment stock and invoicing

Monitor demand across the industry and vary stockholdings to cope

With 99% product availability, you know that you can rely on us
Use our lean skills to help suppliers improve their manufacturing and keep their costs down Faster materials manufacture, costs kept as low as possible
Consolidate deliveries to your sites One delivery, everything you need. Less disruption to your operations
Work with suppliers to ensure products we supply conform with industry standards, specifications, safety regulations and the law Every product you buy from us is safe to use on the railways
Provide technical support not just on individual products, but their impact on systems If you don’t have the know-how around a product we do – or we know a man that does.
Has a product failed? We’ll manage the whole warranty process
We’re developing the Condition Based Supply Chain to monitor products in the field and trigger deliveries when needed  

No more preventive maintenance or replacement of well-performing products ‘just in case’. Your assets available for more time

Flexible, bespoke supply options including kitting, deliveries, consignment stock and invoicing You receive the products in the way that suits your operations

When you work with Unipart Rail you get added value across these and lots of other areas – value that requires less investment then doing it in-house, and delivers business benefits across the seven value areas.

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