Blake Jones Review into 2018 timetable disruption published

The joint review of the Rail North Partnership (RNP), commissioned by Councillor Judith Blake and Rail Minister Andrew Jones in response to the problems delivering the May 2018 timetable in the north, has been published today (19 July 2019).

Comments from Transport for the North Board member, Cllr Blake, and the Rail Minister can be found here. A joint press notice can also be found on the Department for Transport’s website here.

Commenting on the launch of the Review, Barry White, Chief Executive of Transport for the North, said: “It’s absolutely right that both Judith Blake and Andrew Jones MP put the needs of the North’s passengers absolutely front and centre of their Review. They’re the ones who bore the brunt of last year’s chaos, which impacted on both lives and livelihoods.

“We worked hard to bring the North’s leaders together in the wake of the timetable change, striving to give them greater visibility of industry decisions and greater opportunity to have a say on performance and services. There’s been real progress on that front, but there is still far to go.

“Both the Blake Jones Review and upcoming Williams Review will be pivotal in achieving a ‘re-set’ of our railways, with the opportunity for more devolution to the North’s decision-makers.”

Click to download the Review: Summary Report and Review: Full Technical Annex.