Takeover Weeks


Takeover weeks allow your company to dominate the railbusinessdaily.com newsletter. Going out to more than 35,000 subscribers for one week, the railbusinessdaily.com newsletter will be in your brand colours, and will feature a different guest writer piece each day. How you schedule this is up to you. You could have someone from your business talking about a significant project, or a more generic piece about how your business is positioning itself for CP6, for example.

Whatever you decide, takeover weeks give you a longer platform to raise awareness about your business and instill confidence in prospective clients that you know the industry well.

Why Takeover Weeks?

Takeover weeks are beneficial for a sustained period of activity to keep you in the limelight. The key to successful advertising is through repetition – so a week of newsletters in your branding will keep your company fresh in the minds of the key decision-makers you want to interact with.

Takeover weeks are great for:

  • Signposting key influencers to your business
  • Dominating the most used spot for one week
  • Positioning your business strongly in the industry


We have a number of businesses that use our takeover weeks.

One business has said that it has given them the platform to be able to showcase their values and how they operate to a point where they were able to secure a six-figure contract in 2019.

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