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The news stories are the bread and butter of’s services. When the business was founded, it aimed to plug a gap in the marketplace. The team wanted to deliver a platform for positive promotion of rail work. This would be open to everybody and a place for open debate and discussion – not impeded by political point scoring or negative media views – often skewed by misunderstanding and/or mischievous misconceptions.

And so, the newsletter was created. Every day, we send out an email at 7am, packed with the information you need to know about the rail industry. We publish a mix of the stories you need to know, along with positive stories purchased by businesses in the sector.


Something we always hear from businesses is that they’ve got nothing to talk about. That’s not the case – there’s so many good stories in your business that can be made into articles that enhance your business’ reputation. Our team will help you pick those stories.

Email Dan at and our team will help you.

WHY PUBLISH YOUR STORIES WITH US? is the UK’s only rail industry business website that lets you decide what you want to publish and when. It enables you to talk directly to the people you want to engage with about your work as well as networking with thousands of other rail business people to showcase your work.

Whilst there will always be a place for the mainstream rail print media, is more immediate and it is delivered to tens of thousands of industry professionals, commentators, influencers and decision-makers every day at a fraction of the cost. Instead of having to wait for a month to see your story published without really knowing who is seeing and reading it, we will post your story on our website straight away. Then, the very next day, we will send your story out to our database of tens of thousands of people.

We will then track how many people have viewed your story on the email, the website and via social media.

This is great for:

  • Raising your business’ profile
  • Getting your message out to the rail industry
  • Finding out which businesses are interested in you
  • We have a number of packages, depending on your needs and budget.

This service is all about positive PR. We give you the platform to tell your story to 35,000 subscribers in the way you want to tell it. That’s no spin, no negativity, just good news.

That isn’t all. News stories with are great because:

  • It’s read by the people you want to see it. Your news is being read by tens of thousands of businesspeople involved in the rail sector. That’s Network Rail, Tier 1 Contractors, and more.
  • It’s affordable. Why be pressured into buying an advert worth more than £600 just to have your story included in a magazine? Our website was created to counter just that – you pay a smaller amount with no risk.
  • It’s measurable. Seven days after you’ve posted your story with us, we’ll send you some statistics to show you how it has performed so you can demonstrate the return on investment you’ve got from your story. That’s more powerful than any other publication and because it’s digital, the figures aren’t speculative.

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