The key to a good advertising campaign is repetition. It’s a good chance for your brand to be seen by the right people on a regular basis. They might not need your services straight away, but when they do, you’re at the forefront of their minds.

We don’t believe that a company of any size should pay extortionate amounts for advertising. That’s why we keep any advertising at an affordable rate for weekly, monthly or even yearly options.

We have both newsletter and website advertising to help you meet your goals.

Newsletter Banners

These banners will appear on our weekday newsletter. You’ll feature in as prominent space as possible (on a first come, first serve basis) with a visual graphic that, when clicked on, will direct the potential customer to a page of your choice on your website.

We tailor packages to suit the needs of your company – whether you are planning a short spurt of activity or something slightly longer which reminds people where you are and what you do.

We’ll also send you regular updates of statistics so you can understand how it is performing – we will also work with you to develop the campaign further if you wish.

Website Banners

With four million people visiting our website every year, an advert which drives people directly to your page is a great way to drive business. We can tailor your campaign to suit you – just pick where you want your advert and how long for. The price will be tailored based on your requirements.

This captures all of our audience – including the traffic coming from our newsletters, social media and search engine results. You can also combine it with newsletter banners to boost the amount of times you appear.

After the campaign ends, we’ll also send you some statistics so you can see how it has performed.

The difference advertising makes

These banners have been used to promote events and new products. For those that have used the service – they’ve seen greater numbers signing up than other methods used.

Don’t have the capacity to design a banner?

Not a problem – we’ll do it for you. Let our designers take a brief and design your graphic.

Contact us using the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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